Subaru Forester Sti by ZOD & Exelixis

For some reasons mum Subaru decided that the new generation Forester Sti would not be imported in Europe….

That’s why  our customer after buying the  XT version asked us to create this full STI conversion

The main relevant parts for the conversion are the following:
Full ej25 sti engine and sti turbocharger  (with forged Cosworth pistons instead of the orginal “paper” ones )
Full 3 inch custom exhaust system
Suspension system from the Japenese Forester STI
Brake System from the Impreza STI
Ecu remapping with 2 different  maps,  Launch control,  Rev match function and Flat shift system
For the future of course the owner is planning to swap also the transmission with the STI one, hence to turn up the boost for more torque,  but for now we are pretty happy with the following numbers:
337 hp and 551 nm of torque