Opel GT – 2009 2L turbo by ZOD & Exelixis

The rear wheel drive and the optimal weight 51%-49% weight ratio make this car a good candidate for the Street/Drag category, here is the list of the mods done for the next race season

Exhaust manifold : bigger port casted-iron from Garret
Turbo: Garret GT3071R
External Wastegate: Tial
Intercooler: Dejon Powerhouse with custom intercooler pipes
Intake: ITG Performance Air Filter
BOV: HKS SSQV blow off valve
Exhaust: Solo Performance
ECU Calibration: Custom mapping on dyno
with greddy digital boost controller
to handle 2 different boost pressures gear related
Clutch: SPEC Stage 3+ and flywheel
Chasis: GM Performance Parts – Z0K bars-DDM Backbone
Suspension system: KW V3 adjustable coilovers
Wheels: Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2
Drag Radials Tires
Exterior and interior custom modification
100 octane pump gas

413 hp and 472 nm  on pump gas