Nissan GTR 35 stage 1 – 633 hp – Exelixis & ZOD

Nowadays no car enthusiast is indifferent to the name GTR … Who has not heard of it for its price / performance that embarrasses the most noble of the supercar market, including Ferrari and Porsche!

But you know “routine” it’s a  bad thing, and after a while even the performance of the monster Nissan become ordinary … But among the many features of this car stands out even the propensity to tuning! In fact it  did not take long to allow tuners around the world  to release  softuning  kits that brought the car to aboutc 580/600 hp with just an exhaust and an ECU mapping

The owner of the car being a true fan of  performance has decided to opt for a custom mapping, hence squeezing the maximum potential results of the original  Hardware . The results are  remarkable 633 hp and 83 kg  of torque with 100 octane fuel pump

The complete work on the electronics is as follows:
5 switchable maps in real time from the steering wheel (1 original, 1 Valet mode, 3 maps for gasoline with different octane)
implementation of segnlale knock on the original display (indicating a possible phenomenon of detonation)
TMC remapping with improved shift times and launch control set at 3700 rpm