ECU remapping

ECU remapping finalized to the performance enhancement and to the optimization of the fuel economy.

Actually there are 2 main reasons for which the Factory ECU are not performing so good as a tuned one:

One of those are the environmental controls,  the limitations applied to the standard ECU’s to contain the engine generated pullutions are many. For racing applications they can be  removed, allowing better performances  and in many cases  also improving fuel economy (oppositely of what people thinks a leaner and more advanced mixture  generates  more Nox  than a richer and less advanced one).

The second reason stayes on the variety of fuel  supplied around the world, The engineers which are involved  on the  development  of  the software should keep in mind that  those vehicles has to run using fuel with different octanes and different flame speed, but on a tuned vehicle you can reprogram  the ECU  with values optimized for a specific fuel type, obviously after that, the use of poor quality fuel it’s absolutely forbidden in full load conditions.