ZOD Projects

For some reasons mum Subaru decided that the new generation Forester Sti would not be imported in Europe….

That’s why  our customer after buying the  XT version asked us to create this full STI conversion

The main relevant parts for the conversion are the following:
Full ej25 sti engine and sti turbocharger  (with forged Cosworth pistons instead of the orginal “paper” ones )
Full 3 inch custom exhaust system
Suspension system from the Japenese Forester STI
Brake System from the Impreza STI
Ecu remapping with 2 different  maps,  Launch control,  Rev match function and Flat shift system
For the future of course the owner is planning to swap also the transmission with the STI one, hence to turn up the boost for more torque,  but for now we are pretty happy with the following numbers:
337 hp and 551 nm of torque

The rear wheel drive and the optimal weight 51%-49% weight ratio make this car a good candidate for the Street/Drag category, here is the list of the mods done for the next race season

Exhaust manifold : bigger port casted-iron from Garret
Turbo: Garret GT3071R
External Wastegate: Tial
Intercooler: Dejon Powerhouse with custom intercooler pipes
Intake: ITG Performance Air Filter
BOV: HKS SSQV blow off valve
Exhaust: Solo Performance
ECU Calibration: Custom mapping on dyno
with greddy digital boost controller
to handle 2 different boost pressures gear related
Clutch: SPEC Stage 3+ and flywheel
Chasis: GM Performance Parts – Z0K bars-DDM Backbone
Suspension system: KW V3 adjustable coilovers
Wheels: Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2
Drag Radials Tires
Exterior and interior custom modification
100 octane pump gas

413 hp and 472 nm  on pump gas

I always thought that  “The Z ” it’s a car with big potential, and that its excellent chassis would allow to handle  more horses than those supplied as standard.

Mom Nissan thinking the same bring the car over the years from 280 hp to 313 of the last version …… but still not enough for somebody…
The target for this Z was to “give her” 100 + horses, maintaining the drivability and reliability for road use, all of those  trying to keep the progressive power erogation of the factory car! (In fact, the owner not only uses it as a  track day car, but it goes also  to work every day

Following major changes:
Rotrex supercharger with centrifugal compressor C38-81 and 100mm pulley , GTM intercooler, 600cc injectors, Engine oil radiator, Walbro fuel pump, clutch + flywheel OS Giken twin disk, CAT back exhaust injen, resonated testpipe, D2 Adjustable Suspension.  DS2500 brake pads and steel brake lines.
Custom mapping on dyno, with the possibility to switch between 5 maps (dedicated to different quality of gasolines) through the commands of the steering wheel

The Z has clearly reached the target! set of facts has demonstrated its effectiveness and reliability, both on the circuits:
Mugello, and the circuit of Franciacorta, where they were put to whip its current 440 hp.

As technical notes I must say that I was completely satisfied by the behavior of the Rotrex, its thermodynamic efficiency thanx to  the centrifugal type is comparable to the best of the latest generation turbo efficiency ,with a range between 66/78%.
Another point in favor of the Rotrex it’s his noiseless operation, due largely to the excellent mechanical design of the drive and by the excellent integral lubrification system, the car sounds as a  normallly  aspirated one, nothing to do with most of the  compressors on market, (those ones normally  add a noise similar to a swarm of giant mosquitoes trapped under the hood, Mini Cooper S it’s an example)

Nissan 350Z vq35de 280cv year 06

High Compression  CP piston
H beam forged rods
ACL maain and rod bearings
ARP head studs
Cometic head gasket
Custom Camshafts (durata 272° in/272° ex, alzata 11,66 in/11,66 ex)
Reinforced spring valves

Titanium Valve retainers
Rev-up oil pump
Walbro 255 fuel pump
Nismo VTC pulleys
NGK  spark plugs one degree colder
Nismo thermostat
Sard fuel pressure regulator

Ecu remapping on dyno

Cat-back JIC Spartan
Test pipe Motordyne mod. Art-Pipes
Exhaust manifolds Tomei Expreve V2

Plenum Cosworth
HKS  200 mm air filter
80 mm MAF housing
Transmission :
Exedy twin disc Carbon
Differential LSD ATS with carbon discs
Shorter gear ratio Nissan 4.08

Engine power 336hp and 37 kg of torque

Transversal sequential gearbox with custom gear ratios, and limited slip differential with adjustable setting from 20 to 100%

Nowadays no car enthusiast is indifferent to the name GTR … Who has not heard of it for its price / performance that embarrasses the most noble of the supercar market, including Ferrari and Porsche!

But you know “routine” it’s a  bad thing, and after a while even the performance of the monster Nissan become ordinary … But among the many features of this car stands out even the propensity to tuning! In fact it  did not take long to allow tuners around the world  to release  softuning  kits that brought the car to aboutc 580/600 hp with just an exhaust and an ECU mapping

The owner of the car being a true fan of  performance has decided to opt for a custom mapping, hence squeezing the maximum potential results of the original  Hardware . The results are  remarkable 633 hp and 83 kg  of torque with 100 octane fuel pump

The complete work on the electronics is as follows:
5 switchable maps in real time from the steering wheel (1 original, 1 Valet mode, 3 maps for gasoline with different octane)
implementation of segnlale knock on the original display (indicating a possible phenomenon of detonation)
TMC remapping with improved shift times and launch control set at 3700 rpm